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    1. Ovens that don’t heat evenly, making it hard to bake consistently.
    2. Stove grates that are difficult to clean and trap debris underneath.
    3. Faucets with poor water pressure, making it harder to rinse dishes.
    4. Cabinets with shelves that are too deep, causing items to get lost in the back.
    5. Lack of drawer organizers, so utensils get jumbled together.
    6. Slippery tile floors that get dangerous when wet.
    7. Fridge doors that don’t open wide enough to easily access items inside.
    8. Small or compartmentalized sinks that make cleaning large pots difficult.
    9. Ovens located too low, requiring excessive bending to check on food.
    10. Kitchen islands with poor lighting, casting shadows on work surfaces.
    11. Drawer pulls or knobs that dig into skin or are uncomfortable to grip.
    12. Microwaves mounted too high, making it awkward to remove hot items safely.
    13. Refrigerator water/ice dispensers that leak or have poor water flow.
    14. Lack of pot/pan organizers in cabinets, leading to cluttered stacking.
    15. Kitchen range hoods that don’t effectively remove cooking odors and smoke.
    16. Pantry shelves that are too tall, making it hard to see what’s stored.
    17. Slow cookers/Instant Pots without built-in cord storage, creating counter clutter.
    18. Sharp countertop edges that dig into forearms while working.
    19. Cabinet door hinges that frequently come loose or squeak.
    20. Slippery, non-traction floors that become hazardous when wet.
    21. Shallow drawers that can’t fit larger utensils like whisks or ladles.
    22. Cutting boards that slide around on countertops during use.
    23. Lazy susans in corner cabinets that tend to get stuck or are hard to access.
    24. Lack of dedicated recycling/compost storage areas.
    25. Kitchen TVs positioned where they can easily get splattered.
    26. Low-quality cabinet door handles that feel flimsy or uncomfortable.
    27. No wall-mounted pot racks to free up cabinet space.
    28. Poorly insulated windows that make kitchen too hot or cold.
    29. Dishwashers with difficult-to-remove filter traps for cleaning.
    30. Microwave placement that blocks access to adjacent cabinets.
    31. Cabinet interiors finished with dark colors, making items hard to see.
    32. Pet food storage areas that attract bugs or odors.
    33. No permanent paper towel/wipes holders mounted under cabinets.
    34. Wine coolers/beverage centers that vibrate excessively.
    35. Electrical outlets placed in inconvenient locations for countertop appliances.
    36. Kitchens relying only on overhead lighting, creating shadowed workspaces.
    37. Low-hanging pot racks that make it easy to bump your head.
    38. Toasters positioned too close to the wall, making crumb removal difficult.
    39. Cabinet doors/drawers near dishwashers that get blocked when open.
    40. Cooktops/ranges installed too close to countertop edges for safety.
    41. No built-in cable/cord management for small appliances.
  1. Noisy or overpowered exhaust fans that make hearing difficult.
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